Founder / Artistic Director of Bollywood

Bollywood Rhythms was built on the creative vision of Bhagya Nagesh, a studio that started purely with the love for dancing in 2006. She has a degree in Psychology and Journalism. She is a self taught dancer and considered a fusion dancer with a background to absorb any style of dancing with ease. Being a south Indian, she is known for her Tollywood/Kuthu style of dance and high energy routines.

In 2020, Bhagya moved to Frisco, TX and plans to pursue her love for the art. She loves teaching because it gives her the chance to make a difference in people’s lives through an art form that she is so deeply passionate about. She feels humbled by the opportunity that she has been given to spread happiness and boost other people’s confidence.

Chicago Studio - With a studio of more 250+ and growing, she was one the most sought out instructor in Midwest for Bollywood dancing. She has taught master classes in various dance studio’s and conventions. And has held various workshops in high schools and many corporations. She has been awarded in India and in US for her work in this field and for maintaining the expressive beauty of Indian dance.

She took Bollywood Rhythms (the first Bollywood studio in Midwest) to compete in the main stream dance competition and the teams were highly recognized and awarded for their high energy routines and came out with National / Platinum and Hi-Gold trophies.

It is her dream come true to watch her students perform in various concerts, celebrity shows. Her studio was featured in WGN, various publications and was recommend by a Naperville Magazine as the place to learn Bollywood dancing.

Bhagya hopes to become one of the Bollywood ambassador by bringing the art of Bollywood dancing to our diverse community and to our youth. When she is not teaching, she is busy learning the art of mixing music and stitching costumes for her studio.

She has judged various well-known dance competitions like Tufaan, Nachle Express 2010, Boogie Woogie 2008, Chicago Agni 2007, Desi Junction’s Dance Challenge and various High School competition.